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Occupational Hygiene

Island EHS can provide full range of occupational hygiene consulting services

Occupational Hygiene

Occupational Hygiene Sampling

Island EHS is prepared to carry out all types of sampling required by WorkSafeBC.

Occupational Hygiene is the practice of studying and reducing the risk of work place exposure to a wide range of hazardous materials and conditions. Some of the more common types of testing are:

  • Welding fume testing
  • Fume hood testing
  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) testing
  • Noise Testing
  • Heat and Cold Stress Testing
  • Confined Space Assessment, Testing and Training
  • Compressed Breathing Air Testing

Welding Testing

Workspaces where welding, such as TIG, MIG, MCRA, etc. occur require proper ventilation and processes carried out per CSA Standard CAN/CSA-W117.2-12

We review safe work procedures and exposure control plans, inspect the worksite, conduct personal exposure sampling, and review personal protective equipment requirements. Our testing and analysis also covers dust created by welding activities as well as compressed breathing air testing when required (as part of an annual program).

Clients who have been issued a stop work order or compliance order will benefit from welding fume exposure sampling and our recommendations can be seamlessly integrated into your company’s safety program.

Fume Hood Testing:

Labs, schools, post-secondary institutions and manufacturing facilities often use fume hoods or flow hoods to protect workers. These specialized systems require an annual series of tests to ensure they are working effectively. Island EHS provides testing for annual re-certification as well as new installations. All models are included.

We are also able to provide flow testing for paint booths, in both commercial and industrial applications.

VOC and Aldehyde Exposure Assessments and Testing

Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC’s can be released or created from building materials or from manufacturing activities. VOC management should be part of a health and safety program when chemical compounds are regularly used. Aldehydes, most commonly Formaldehyde, are naturally occurring chemical compounds that are also frequently used in the manufacturing of common household materials. Much of the aldehydes that people are exposed to come from their use in the production of polymers that are found in many products used to build or finish our homes and offices.

Island EHS can perform air sampling to determine if VOC or aldehyde concentrations exceed recommended levels, and create exposure control plans for facilities that deal with high VOC or products or create them during their manufacturing process.

Noise Assessments

WorkSafe BC has guidelines for maximum decibel levels in work environments. Our process involves testing the noise levels during specific activities and overall personal exposure. Working with our clients, we can quantify noise levels and mitigate their hazards by recommending the right protective equipment and processes.

Confined Space Assessments

Crawlspaces, storage tanks, sea-cans, and numerous other mundane-seeming areas may be considered confined spaces, which can be imminently dangerous to life and health. Our technicians can assess potential confined spaces and determine what entry procedures and personal protective equipment is required to meet WorkSafeBC regulations.

Compressed Breathing Air Testing

Island EHS tests ambient, low and high pressure compressed breathing air systems to the current CSA breathing air standards. This yearly testing ensures that the breathing air being supplied to workers is free of excess moisture, oil, particulate and contains the correct mix of breathable air. All testing is compliant with CSA Standard CAN/CSA-Z180.1-19, Compressed Breathing Air and Systems in accordance with Section 8.37 of the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OHSR).