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Laboratory Services

Island EHS has accredited laboratory professionals with sixty years of experience.

These photos show some of the effects of microscopic analysis;

Photo 1 shows the plain material

Photo 2 shows the sample under polarized light.
The fibres are located lower centre.

Photo 3 shows the sample under prismatic conditions

Laboratory Services

Island EHS has accredited laboratory professionals with sixty years of experience.

Island EHS offers a variety of laboratory services both in house and through accredited laboratories.

Asbestos Analysis
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Island EHS can offer over 60 years’ experience in carrying asbestos bulk analysis and even more for asbestos air analysis. We are able to provide asbestos bulk and air analysis through our in office laboratory. Bulk samples of building materials are analyzed in office lab using U.S. National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) method 9002. Small batch samples are usually analyzed within 24 hours of receipt. Larger batches do take a little longer. We are also able to offer testing for vermiculite and can also offer point counting analysis and mineral identification services. Island EHS engages the services of accredited laboratories for more complex analyses including Transmission Electron Microscopy and other services. Asbestos air sampling is carried out using NIOSH method 7400. WorkSafeBC requires that all air sample results be available for posting on site within 24 hours of collection. We comply with this requirement. Air clearance samples are usually analyzed within a short period of time following collection to minimize on site delays. Island EHS participates in the American Industrial Hygiene Association Proficiency Aptitude Program for both bulk and air analysis and maintains a comprehensive internal quality assurance program. Island EHS has accredited laboratory professionals with sixty years of experience.

Lead Testing

Samples are submitted to accredited laboratories for analysis with results usually available within 3 days of submission. Faster turnaround can be arranged. WorkSafeBC regulations require that lead in air samples be collected at the start of projects involving the disturbance of lead based materials and thereafter as necessary. Lead in air samples are collected and analyzed in accordance with IOSH Method 7082.

Leachate Testing

In 2015, Hartland Landfill and other waste collectors began requiring that leachate testing be carried out on waste building materials in accordance with current Ministry of Environment requirements. Island EHS is able to collect suitable samples for this analysis. Samples are submitted to an accredited laboratories for analysis.

Other Laboratory Services

Island EHS can provide sample collection and analysis services for a variety of other needs. These include:

  • Mould (air sampling and bulk identification)
  • Dust and total particulate
  • Crystalline silica
Our experienced personnel have also carried out sampling for a very wide variety of other needs including:

  • Water testing
  • Isocyanates
  • Welding fumes