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Mould and Fungal Analysis

Inspections, Testing and Reporting

Mould and Fungal Analysis

Mould is a term for the thousands of species of microbes and fungi which grow throughout our environment. Within buildings, elevated amounts of mould can be destructive to materials and detrimental to the health of occupants. Proper sample collection, testing and analysis can pinpoint problem areas and monitor the environment to ensure a healthy living environment. Mould requires a surface suitable for growth (drywall, plywood, osb, carpeting, ceiling tiles, dust and other surfaces) and elevated moisture levels to grow and multiply. Common problem areas include attics, crawlspaces, “cold spots” along under-insulated walls, pantries, closets, window sills and under flooring. Mould can be especially problematic after a large leak (such as a flood, a broken pipe, or a faulty appliance), or in homes with inadequate or blocked ventilation. Some mould species are benign, while others can be toxic or have adverse effects on the occupants within the building.

Island EHS offers inspections and testing for mould and fungal spores. Our services include:

  • Spore trap collection and analysis:
    We can collect air samples from an indoor area, and an accredited laboratory compares the spore counts to outdoor controls to find out if there are elevated levels. This test will also identify the types of mould spores present.
  • Surface testing and analysis:
    Island EHS technicians can collect mould samples from surfaces, including dust, and have the sample analyzed by an accredited lab for the concentration and type of mould present.
  • Home and building inspections for mould, fungal and grow-op remediation:
    Our technicians can help identify the source of the moisture, and provide expert recommendations on how to solve the problem. If the source of the mould was a drug grow-op, we can also provide the necessary chemical testing to ensure the area is safe for re-entry.

We offer mould and fungal inspections and testing for locations all over Vancouver Island, including Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan, Campbell River, Tofino, Kamloops, and beyond. We are now able to provide mould investigations, sampling and reporting through our Surrey location to properties throughout the lower mainland. We are also able to bundle mould analysis with our other services, creating a faster and more efficient customer experience.