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Hazardous Material Investigations

Satisfy WorkSafe BC and municipal requirements with a hazardous materials survey.

Hazardous Materials Investigations

Let us help you avoid costly delays and complications with your project

Hazardous materials, including asbestos and lead paint, can be present in any building, and proper testing from a qualified inspector is vital before these materials are disturbed during a renovation or demolition. These materials need to be identified before any work begins, and most municipalities (including Victoria, Saanich and Nanaimo) have specific requirements with regards to asbestos testing in their permitting process. Having a hazardous materials survey done before work begins will also help avoid delays with municipal inspectors and the landfill. Improper testing is also often the cause of jobs being shut down by WorkSafeBC. Island EHS has trained and qualified staff to conduct hazmat surveys based on regulations and guidelines, while taking your specific scope of work into account. A survey conducted by Island EHS includes testing of:

  • Asbestos containing materials (including drywall, plaster, textures, stucco, flooring, ceiling tiles, HVAC tape, pipe wrap, mortars, mastics, and more)
  • Lead containing paints
  • Leachable lead in paints

We also take note of any of the following hazards, including:

  • Materials with crystalline silica
  • Mould and fungal contamination
  • Animal dropping or remains (hantavirus or histoplasmosis)
  • Ozone depleting substances
  • Radioactive materials (in smoke detectors)
  • Mercury in items such as thermostats and fluorescent light tubes
  • Arsenic in pressure treated wood

Once samples are collected, our in-house labs in Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan, and Kamloops can analyze asbestos samples using the NIOSH 9002 method. Rush turnaround times are also available if required. Contact us for more information on scheduling and pricing.

Pre-Purchase Surveys:

If you are purchasing a property that you plan on renovating or demolishing, we also offer pre-purchase testing for asbestos and other hazardous materials. These reports help you anticipate if abatement will be required, and give you a better understanding of the building.

Pre-purchase surveys require:

  • Permission from the current owners (or their representative) to collect and analyze physical samples from the building(s).
  • A time range of a two-three hours on site to conduct testing (depending on the size and complexity of the building).
  • A minimum lead time of seven days in-between the date of testing and when you require the report.